Information and Accommodation around Kerrera, Argyll, Scotland

The island of Kerrera lies to the west of Oban bay. In fact it is this island which makes Oban such a sheltered harbour. Kerrera has become a popular day time destination for walkers and cyclists who want the tranquillity of the island roads and the beauty of the scenery. From Oban take the Gallanach road for 2 miles where there is free parking at the Kerrera Ferry slipway. There are regular ferry services all day both summer and winter.

The visitor to the island will want to visit Gylen Castle and also the Tea Garden (photo to the right). The tea garden has become a reason in itself to visit this lovely island. There are fantastic coastal walks which take you on a circular route back to the ferry. In the North east of the island there is a marina in Ardintrive bay which has a regular ferry service to and from the North Pier in the centre of Oban.

On the very north of the island there is a large monument to commemorate David Hutcheson who was the manager of the shipping firm who ran the first steamers to Oban, and from here it is fascinating watching boats coming and going from Oban harbour. there are also great views of Dunollie Castle on the mainland guarding the entrance to Oban Bay. 

There are two main walks the first as mentioned by going left from the ferry then just keep going until you reach the Tea Garden, you can then add in Gylen Castle as an interesting stop. from there head west and follow the well trodden path around the coast until you arrive back at the ferry. This is probably a three to four hour walk depending upon your fitness and the number of stops you have to take in the excellent scenery. The second walk goes to the north of the island. From the ferry take the right hand fork (north) . then keep right at the next fork just past the farm. I will not describe the walk further as again it is a well defined path and even if you stray from it, you cant really get lost. 

While on the island it is common to see the following wildlife, otters, golden eagles, porpoises, dolphins, basking shark, corn crake, chough, cormorants and much much more.

Island of Kerrera, Argyll, Scotland