Information and Accommodation around Luing Argyll, Scotland

The island of Luing lies off the south end of Seil Island. There is a bridge from the mainland to Seil and there is a car ferry from Seil to Luing. The island was one of the slate producing islands on the west of Scotland and of course the quarries and spillings are still visible and also very interesting to see. 

The car ferry from the isle of Seil to the isle of Luing crosses a really important and narrow stretch of water called Cuan Sound where the tide runs through at up to 9 knots. As it is an inner sound, it of course provides safe passage to small commercial boats, fishing boats and of course yachts particulalrly in boisterous weather. There have been proposals to build a bridge or barrage and put in turbines to generate electricity which on the face of it may be a good plan however there is fierce opposition from many different organisations as Cuan sound is considered a "right of way". This is also a very popular stretch of water for Sea Kayaking.

Although the isle of Luing is situated very close to the island of Seil, it really is quite isolated and off the beaten track. There are three main areas where people live on the island, Cullipool, Tobernochy, and Blackmill Bay. Like most of Argyll though, any area is stunning and this island is no exception.

Isle of Luing, Argyll, Scotland