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Achadun castle is on the green island of Lismore and sits on the west coast overlooking Bernera Bay. Achadun or Bishops Castle is now a ruin of a fairly substantial nature and therefore interesting to visit. One theory is that it was built in the 13th Century by the Bishops of Argyll. However recent research has perhaps disproved this. It is more likely that the castle was in fact built by the MacDougalls' at the end of the 13th century probably about 1292 and it is documented as part of the Clan until the 15th century. The Bishops of Argyll then help the property until about 1560 or thereabouts.

Legend tells us St. Columba and St Moluag, both of whom wanted to establish a presence on the island of Lismore, had a race. The first to touch the soil of the island would be the winner. As St Columba neared the beach, St Moluag cut off his hand and threw it to shore thus winning the race. Another documentation of this legend says it was ONLY his finger that he cut off and threw ashore. 

This is a popular picnic place for walkers visiting the area as there are magnificent views across to Morvern and south to the isle of Mull. The castle ruins are about 5k from the village of Achnacroish and are best visited by bicycle or by foot.

If you are going to visit the site by foot, it may be better to get to the island by the longer ferry route from Oban to Achnacroish as the short ferry route from Port Appin to Lismore is at the North of the island and of course the ruins are almost at the southern end. However those distances should not deter the cyclists as the Island is virtually flat.

Achadun Castle, Isle of Lismore

Achadun Castle, Lismore Island, Argyll, Scotland