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This castle, like many castles in Scotland, was built in its particular location because of its accessibility to the sea and of course the protection it could offer to vessels either beached below the castle or anchored just offshore. Breachacha was built on a rocky promontory at the head of the loch of the same name about 3 miles from the southern tip of the island of Coll.

Breachacha was built in the 14th century and was the stronghold of the Macleans. The castle had some restoration around 1965 and is a great example of a square keep. Nearby to the castle is a mansion house build in the 18th century. Perhaps the castle became to uncomfortable or the Macleans felt safer. The "new" castle is a huge building and is also being restored.

Breachacha Castle

Picture copyright Gordon Brown

The nearest village is Arinagour, Coll

Breachacha Castle, Isle of Coll