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Coeffin castle is situated on Lismore Island which is accessible by boat from Either Oban or Appin. The castle lies on the North West coast of Lismore about 3 miles from the Appin Ferry landing slip. Thought to have been built on the site of a Viking fortress on the Northwest coast of the Island of Lismore, Coeffinn castle as it is now was built in the 12th Century. Some recent Archives suggest that Coeffin and Lismore itself may have been a place of refuge for the Knights Templar after the 14th Century Papal purge. Now a ruin, the castle was abandoned in the 1600s

As with so many other Argyll castles, it later passed into Campbell ownership but its name may well demonstrate its original Viking roots. Caifin was a Viking Prince whose sister was reputed to haunt the castle until her remains were taken to lie with her lover in Norway!

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It may also have been known as Castle Rachal – in the 1700s, the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland lists a castle of this name at the same location. It describes “a very ancient Scandinavian fortalice in Lismore...2.5 miles from the Northeastern extremity, now a dilapidated ruin”

Coeffin Castle Isle of Coll