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The remains of this ancient Fort lies on top of Dunadd Hill. It was constructed around 1000ad and was one of the main centres of the Kingdom of Dalriada. The fort on the hill overlooks the "great moss" of Moine Mhor.

Here the Scottish nation is believed to have been born! Built on a rocky outcrop which rises out of one of Scotland’s few remaining peat bogs, Dunadd is thought to be one of the most significant Celtic sites in the country. It contains many, many ancient and prehistoric testaments to its importance and power. It was the capital of the kingdom of Dalriada in the 6th Century and Royal footprints from this time have been carved into the rock. Also present are Pictish wild boar carvings and puzzling early Celtic messages of to-ings and fro-ings, alliences and subterfuge!

Dunadd Fort, Argyll

This castle is managed by Historic Scotland and is easily accessed approximately 4 miles from Lochgilphead with a car park very close by.

The nearest village is Kilmartin and Kilmichael Glassery.

Dunadd Fort, Argyll, Scotland