Information and Accommodation around Minard Argyll, Scotland

This is for the west coast of Loch Fyne from Furnace to Loch Gair with Minard being between those two communities. This area of Loch Fyne is a popular place for tourists due to the outstanding views across and down Loch Fyne and also for the great walks in the general area.

There are also abundant old ruins and ancient forts all along Loch Fyne for any history lover to discover and explore.

A particular feature to be explored is that of Brainport Bay solar alignment. This is an ancient solstice calendar and there are also numerous other ancient marks and rock carvings to be seen.

To the north is the village of Furnace which has an interesting history not only for the iron furnace works fuelled by charcoal produced in local woods but also for the Powder Works. Both unusual for what was really a fishing village on the shores of Loch Fyne.

The gunpowder works was started in 1841 and closed abruptly by explosion in 1883 Loch Gair to the south, with great views again of the wee loch it is named after and the bigger Loch Fyne that it is attached to has many walks near by that in particular attract bird watchers and other nature enthusiasts.

Minard to Furnace including Loch Gair

Minard Loch Fyne, Including Furnace to Loch Gair