Information and Accommodation around Appin, Argyll, Scotland

The village of Appin lies on the A828 between Barcaldine and Ballachulish, it is probably most noted for Castle Stalker which guards the entrance to the inlet by Appin. There is a small B road from the village leading to Port Appin and the ferry to the island of Lismore. It has now become quite popular at all times of the year to take this short crossing to Lismore for walking or cycling. There is a hotel and restaurant at Port Appin.

In 1999 Scotland's deepest cave was discovered at Appin. Uamh Nan Claig-Ionn, or Cave of the Skulls. Appin has actually got many caves. This is quite unusually for the west of Scotland but this area does have a limestone geology. There is a particularly nice walk at Port Appin where of course you can leave your car. The walk gives fine views of Lismore island and the going is easy on a nice track. Although a short walk, it is worth the effort as you reach a natural arch in the rocks at the sea shore. 

The Oban to Inverness cycle track passes through this area and there are plenty of places to park to allow people to enjoy the splendid beauty of the area in short sections.

Many years ago, in fact in 1752, there was an infamous act of murder in the Appin area and then followed closely by a gross miscarriage of justice. The man murdered was known as "the Red Fox", Colin Campbell, a name not popular in these parts. His job was to collect taxes for the Duke of Argyll from the clans. As this was only six years after the battle of Culloden, the Campbells were shunned by everyone who had any sympathies for the Jacobites, which was just about everybody in the highlands.

Appin Pier

It is thought that Campbell was about to evict the Stewarts in these parts and give the properties over to members of his own clan. It was a Stewart who was arrested and flung into Inveraray Jail until tried and hung by 15 jurors of which 11 were Campbells. The real perpetrator of the murder was kept secret in the Stewart Clan until very recently. An elderly Stewart decided that the family secret had been kept long enough and she revealed that the murder had been planned but the person who shot Campbell was Donald Stewart of Ballachulish.

Appin, Argyll, Scotland